Born in a unique place of the world. Produced from a specific cast that grows only in the Iberic Peninsula. Object of a very limited production, and thus exclusive. Created by men who love the cast and the excellence of the wine. This is Alvarinho. Primus inter pares. Well-balanced, unique and original, with a fresh and light taste, a citrin colour and delicate aroma. A richness of extreme rarity. A typical Portuguese wine, the Alvarinho cast is both one of the most important varieties of the Tart Wine Region and one of the internationally prized. A true top quality wine.

The Alvarinho Wine Route was created because of the importance of the wine and has a special emphasis on the municipality. Melgaço commands a view on rare and diverse archaeological and historical heritages, from pre-history to present times. Megalithic monuments, rock art, cloisters and monuments related to religious, civil and military architecture, such as churches, castles and bridges, together with manors, palaces and stately homes, give Melgaço something somehow exquisite thus projecting the town into the social and artistic life of the region.

Melgaço is also synonymous of landscape adventure. It is a place where it feels good to be and to eat. People are friendly, the places are cosy and it feels like home!